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On the northern coast of the Sava River, there is one of the most beautiful cities of continental Croatia - Slavonski Brod. The beauty of city s also acknowledged in 2009 when Croatian Tourist Board was declared it as the most beautiful city in Croatia.

Well, because of this immense beauty, it is no wonder that Slavonski Brod is a destination that tourists choose more and more as their holiday place. In addition to natural beauties, the city is rich in cultural and historical heritage. There is the Brod Fortress, a monument of zero categories, the Franciscan Monastery and the Church of the Holy Trinity, and the Shrine of Our Lady of the Quick Aid, where is organized the pilgrimage every eighth in the month, with a large number of believers.

Slavonski Brod also carries the title of the town with the largest square in Croatia – Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Square, dedicated to our well-known writer for children. The square is full of interesting and diverse contents such as bookstores, galleries, nightclubs, various shops ... In one sentence, it is the center of social events of Slavonski Brod, as well as an ideal place to spend a great time. During the year there are various manifestations that attract people from all over the world.

Close to the square is the largest and the most beautiful Croatian town promenade, known as "Kej" where you can enjoy the walks and admire the many beauties that surround you.

What sort of Slavonian city this would be without the developed agriculture and the rich offer of fruits, vegetables and high-quality wines? Slavonski Brod has all this and more than that, and you can convince yourself at one of the many fairs organized in the city. Be part of the Katarinski Fair and every day enjoy a variety of cultural and entertainment programs such as the Children's Fair or the Gastro Event where you can taste all the delicacies of this area.

Discover the story of interesting sights, enjoy walks in the beautiful landscape, have fun and eat quality - come to Slavonski Brod!  

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