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The town of Belišće is located in the very north of Osijek-Baranja County, on the right bank of the Drava River, the natural border of Croatia with Hungary. The city consists of 9 settlements, the most important of which is Belišće.

Belišće is well connected by road, its position on the Drava River also played a role in the development of the town. The town of Belišće is an area where agricultural land and hydropower potential of the Drava River are the most important natural resources. Today, Belišće is a modern city with a guaranteed future. It all started, was created and maintained because of the famous Slavonian oak forests, quality wood raw materials and the entrepreneurial vision of the Jewish, Hungarian Gutmann family.

The importance of small and medium entrepreneurship and crafts for the City of Belišće is reflected in the formed economic zones and the established Business Incubator Polet, which was officially opened in 2015. The facility, which is part of the infrastructure of the early industrial phase of Belišće, was completely neglected. which is funded by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the City of Belišće and Osijek-Baranja County. The arrangement of the Business Incubator opened 9 functional business premises - 5 for production activities and 4 for service, which are available to start-up entrepreneurs in their early phase of incubation of business activities.

Belišće is full of interesting things, and you should definitely visit: Jam Street, which got its name because jam used to be made in massive cauldrons in the yards of these houses. The jam was made from elderberry, which is why the whole street smelled of the sweet flower of this plant. Gutmann's Palace, a one-story building built in 1905 as a protected cultural monument, the Belišće Museum, a memorial train with a Partizanka locomotive, a tender, a passenger car, two freight cars and one closed carriage, Green Houses which are part of the old preserved houses in SH Gutmann's wreath, Belišće pool.

Different events are held throughout the year, and one of the most famous is Carnival riding. In September, the Golden Autumn of Belišće is held, which is associated with the tradition and culture of Belišće.

The City Day celebration is held from mid-April to mid-May, and the City Day itself is on April 30th.

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