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Osijek Tvrđa webcam, Osijek, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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In the last few years, the City of Osijek has been implementing significant projects for the protection and preservation of cultural heritage through the project "Educational and Information Tourist Youth Center Stara pekara with Trg V. Lisinskog, Tvrđa". The entire area of ​​the Fortress has never undergone planned interventions in infrastructure, and this is also the first such venture since the Fortress has existed in its last historical edition. Tvrđa is historical core of Osijek, the remnant of the former Osijek fortress which gradually grew into a city space and the most recognizable symbol of Osijek, but also the most valuable authentic space of that city.

The construction of Vatroslav Lisinski Square finished in 2020. opened a large public space for meetings and events, but also symbolically indicated change, time for revitalization and new energy in the historic city. Vatroslav Lisinski Square has become a reconstructed and revitalized cultural property, communally equipped with a suitable open space with a stage for the implementation of new cultural, tourist and social facilities.

The 50-year-old paving will be replaced by slightly different stone slabs. New paving will be installed on all pedestrian and road surfaces and squares, in accordance with the historical study and conservation conditions, so the Fortress will continue to be paved with stone cubes, by stacking several dimensions and types of paving. The ginkgo tree on the central square in Tvrđa was preventively examined by the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb to protect it from future works, because this rare and recognizable tree does not want to be endangered.

Tvrđa is always alive precisely because it is open to housing, higher and secondary education institutions, cultural institutions, local government, but also catering, tourist accommodation, cultural and eno-gastronomic events: complete preserved baroque construction from the 18th century in Croatia, and a monument of zero category.

Tvrđa will quickly become an access point for cultural tourism in eastern Croatia and beyond.

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