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Osijek live!, Osijek, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Osijek's main square and the oldest square in the Upper Town were built at the end of the 17th century, in parallel with the creation of the Upper Town district. The square used to be called the main or upper town square, and over time it had different names depending on the current rule. Since 1992, it has been known as Dr. Ante Starčević Square, a Croatian writer and leader of the Croatian people, and is one of the 6 most beautiful squares in Croatia.

Due to three entrances from the west, east and south, it is characterized by a very recognizable triangular shape.

The square next to the concathedral of St. Peter and Paul, are dominated by two neo-Renaissance buildings, on the south side is the building of the County Government known as the Normann Palace, and on the west side is the so-called. Town Hall from 1873. Across from this building, at the intersection of the square with Ribarska and Šamačka streets, there is a baroque corner with an elephant statue on the front. It was set up by the Osijek merchant Ivan Leipzig in order to attract customers to his trade in goods from the far eastern regions. A possible reason for placing the statue was the superstition that the elephant statue brings good luck, because a very popular Hungarian lottery could be played in the store.

It is adorned with a fountain bathed in rainbow colors in the evening, a monument to Dr. Ante Starčević and one of the city's favorite statues - a group of citizens who represent the people of Osijek with all its diversity.

After the reconstruction in 2005, this square has become the only main square in Croatia that even has underfloor heating, so in winter various events are held here, it is a place of daily friendly meetings and big celebrations (concerts, etc.).

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