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Valpovo is a small town in Osijek-Baranja County surrounded on all sides by rivers. The river Karašica flows through the town, its source is located near Našice, the river Vučica flows west of Valpovo, and the river Drava is located in the northeast.

In the area of ​​the town of Valpovo there are 8 settlements: Harkanovci, Ivanovci, Ladimirevci, Marjančaci, Nard, Šag, Valpovo and Zelčin.

Valpovo is a place with a rich historical heritage and natural beauty.

What you must definitely visit in Valpovo is the Prandau-Normann castle, one of the oldest and largest castles in Slavonia, and it is one of the most valuable historical architectural structures of profane architecture in northern Croatia. From the castle to the south spreads a spacious landscape park which is considered one of the most valuable historical parks in continental Croatia, especially because of the exceptional connection with the castle with which it creates a unique whole. Today, the castle houses the Institution for Cultural Activities and the Museum of the Valpovo Region.

Valpovo is the center of many events through the year and especially attractive is Valpovo Craft beer festival which hosts many prominent craft breweries and attracts fans of craft brewing and music. The festival offers numerous facilities and competitions such as a quick beer drink and a fun race called Craft beer mile, in which one quarter of a mile (which is 400 m) should be drunk one type of beer.

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