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Našice is a place in Osijek-Baranja County located in an idyllic area where the plain merges with a hilly area full of beautiful flora and fauna. They were first mentioned in the 13th century and had a turbulent history and a multitude of rulers, and in the 16th and 17th centuries they were under Turkish rule. Much of the history of Našice is related to the Catholic Church, given that various church orders operated in Našice, from the Templars to the Franciscans and Ivanovs.

After that, Counts Pejačević came to Našice and influenced the development of the town and turned it into a charming place that became an oasis of rest for many noble families. Until the Second World War, several generations of the Pejačević family lived in the castle. The most famous inhabitant of the castle was Dora Pejačević, the first Croatian and second European composer whose works were performed by many world-renowned artists. In the center of Našice, right next to each other within a large park, there are large and small castles of Counts Pejačević to which belongs the park next to them, and boasts the oldest specimens of trees such as mammoth, ginkgo, paulownia and many other diverse plant species. In addition to the old castle of Count Pejačević, there is also his mausoleum and chapel, and next to it is the tomb of Countess Dora Pejačević. Today, the castle houses the Homeland Museum, which consists of many rooms dedicated to famous people of the Našice region, and it also hides a special ethnographic and pottery collection. Due to all the above, the Pejačević castle is a protected horticultural monument with an artificial lake.

In Našice you can also enjoy hunting and fishing and visit other cultural and historical sights such as the Church of St. Anthony of Padua and the library of the Franciscan monastery, Lake Lapovac, Bedemgrad or educational park Bizik, which is not far behind professional zoos. It contains over 90 species of birds and animals from Africa (leopard), America (raccoons), Australia (kangaroos and emu).

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