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University of Dubrovnik, The construction of Student Dormitory

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Since Dubrovnik has long been one of the rare university cities that didn't have a Student Home, in the summer of 2018, construction began. Works should be completed for one and a half year when 500 Dubrovnik students will get accommodation. After major infrastructure and transport projects, this is the largest project funded through the Operational Program "Competitiveness and Cohesion".

Approximately 300 places will be reserved for students with disabilities as well as for those with poorer property status. Project value is estimated at 200 million KN secured by EU funds.

Within the home there will be a student restaurant as well as recreation, learning and student club of up to 500 square meters, 169 parking places and all other facilities that every modern and contemporary university should have. Students will pay the room about 850 KN , and the room will be categorized as a 3-star accommodation.

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