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Srebreno is located in southern Dalmatia in an area known as Župa dubrovačka, 10 km from the city of Dubrovnik. The small town of Srebreno is located east of Kupar by the sea.

This part of the coast is densely overgrown with Mediterranean vegetation and lush greenery of agaves, palms and pines, and the traditional occupations of the inhabitants are fishing and farming.

The magical fragrant landscape with beautiful pebble beaches and secluded coves, mild climate and an abundance of fruits of land and sea was the chosen space of a rich Dubrovnik nobleman who built his palaces and houses to rest and enjoy the peace of summer days.

Srebreno has a long sandy beach suitable for safe play and pleasant swimming of the youngest members of the family, and the hilly hinterland, in addition to beautiful promenades and views of green forests, protects the village from northern winds. Holidays in Srebreno are ideal if you are looking for a quiet place of harmonious nature located near a large tourist center. The color and beauty of stone houses, manicured gardens and parks, sea amenities, hotel facilities and camps, an abundance of sports, entertainment and recreation have determined Srebreno as a favorite tourist destination.


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