Day of the city of Zagreb
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Day of the city of Zagreb

  • 31.05.2021. - 31.05.2021.
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On this day, Zagreb remembers all those who built it in its long history, contributed to its beauty, kept its open spirit.

This year led by a new mayor.

As in previous years, all traditional ceremonies will be held on the Day of the City of Zagreb, from the awarding of the "Zagreb Woman of the Year" to the evening when a solemn Eucharistic celebration will be held in front of the cathedral at 7 pm. During the day, all those interested have the opportunity to see Zagreb with free guidance and the youngest will be able to enjoy the appropriate children's performances.

Zagreb is a city open to everyone where understanding and solidarity can always be counted on. After the devastating earthquake that left big scars in Zagreb, it will take a lot of time and effort to shape it all together as an even better and more comfortable place to live.

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