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Aci marina Veljko Barbieri Slano

Aci marina Veljko Barbieri Slano

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In 2016, near Dubrovnik, a marina in Slano was opened, named in honor of the creator of the ACI marina chain, Veljko Barbieri. This marina is the 22nd marina in this mega nautical system. It was built in a beautiful bay that has always been a good shelter for all ships and records a steady increase in annual berths.

ACI marina in Slano is an ideal starting point for an Elafiti cruise or a trip to Dubrovnik. Today, Slano is a tourist place with beautiful beaches around the entire bay, which still preserves the peace and atmosphere of the Dubrovnik coast. Due to the pleasant atmosphere, the tranquil ambience of the bay and the place and the surroundings that offer hidden coves with beautiful beaches, many boaters chose it after the first visit as a place of year-round stay.

To Lopud, a small town that stretches along the bay of the same name on the island of the same name surrounded by lush vegetation, the cradle of Dubrovnik shipping, and its bay Šunj is only ten miles sailing. A mile further east, Koločep, the last inhabited southern Adriatic island, awaits you.

This is a specific type of marina that is open all year round and is open type. The total capacity is 193 connections. The largest number of foreigners, fewer locals. The natives here moor the ships because the Elafiti are close to them. Foreign guests (Germans and Austrians, English, Scandinavians, Americans) are 80%, and domestic 20%.

The marina has two charter agencies and a restaurant, nautical equipment store, boat service, laundry, boat cleaning service, bicycle and car rental.


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