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In the area called Župa dubrovačka, between wonderful Mediterranean vegetation, there is a place Mlini. This is a place of beautiful sea, shallow pebble beaches, protected coves, promenades, summer houses, flower gardens and numerous hotels and villas.

It is only 11 km away from Dubrovnik, so all those who want a peaceful holiday with the opportunity to enjoy the various events of the big city, come to Mlini. The name Mlini comes from mills that in the past were used for propulsion of water from the Zavrelje river.

What specifically points out the beauty of Mlini are fragrant parks and a rich cultural and historical heritage from ancient times. It is worth visiting the church of St. Spirit and the church of St. Roko. Today, Mlini is an extremely attractive location and one of the most developed tourist areas of the Dubrovnik region. Well, that's no surprise if we take into consideration the many beaches, beautiful bays, diving schools, fitness center, excellent restaurants and many other attractions that this place provides. Everyone who likes to lie on the beach and sunbathe all day will be delighted with the fact that there are 2670 sunny hours every year!

Active vacationers will enjoy tennis, volleyball, cycling, fishing, diving, windsurfing, parasailing, football, water skiing and many other activities.

All gourmets will enjoy quality food in some of the many restaurants or local taverns. And all those who wants to have fun and a good party will also find something for themselves at some of the attractive nightclubs.

So in Mlini you can get all - a quiet vacation in a relaxing Mediterranean place as well as a great entertainment. Beautiful beaches, harmonious nature and attractive content - what more is needed for a perfect vacation?

Come to Mlini and see the truth of every written word!

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