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Construction Site of the Botanical Garden on the Island of Lokrum , Dubrovnik, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 18.117
  • Latitude 42.631
  • Publicaton date 10. December 2019.


16o C 72% 1011 hPa

The  Public Institution of Lokrum Reservation completed the botanical garden restoration and landscaping project, which began in 2019 in October, thus completing the revitalization of this island trademark.

Existing paths of about 725 meters in length have been arranged and 195 new plant species have been planted, with a total of 1466 seedlings in 13 fields in the garden. Along the path are planted species of shrubby form, cactuses, palm trees. After 60 years, the Botanical garden at Lokrum is shining again and is waiting for its first visitors.

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