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Kupari, a summer resort located 8 km southeast of Dubrovnik, in the area of a picturesque bay at the foot of the hilly hinterland of southern Dalmatia. The place is surrounded by extremely lush Mediterranean vegetation and is known for its beautiful beaches. There is a 400-meter-long sandy beach on the cape of the bay, and from the bay to the south, a promenade stretches along the coast covered with the shade of pine trees, leading to several smaller beaches and coves in the area. In Kupari, you will be greeted by large parks of palm trees and oleanders, silence and the warmth of the hosts who, living in a small town, all know each other, so the atmosphere is homely and warm.

Kupari is also a sand and pebble beach in the town of the same name in Župa Dubrovačka. There used to be a large tourist complex there, which has fallen into disrepair since the war and has not yet been rebuilt. The easiest way to get to the beach is by car, which you can park freely inside the former tourist complex. Regardless of the surrounding ruins, the beach is beautiful with crystal clear sea and the reflection of the sand in the shallows. It is interesting that the former Marshal of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito had a villa there near which there was a nudist beach. Many people still bathe naked here. Nearby, the army of the former Yugoslavia had a barracks, and if you swim towards the rocks west of the beach, you will see military bunkers and shelters. The melancholic scenes that time tirelessly crumbles piece by piece do not prevent Dubrovnik residents and tourists from going swimming and enjoying themselves on one of the favorite beaches in that part of the city. There is also a cafe on the beach where you can refresh yourself, as well as a shower, and there is enough parking.

Kupari owes its name to the former production of bricks and tiles, which are called "kupa" in the Dubrovnik area.

In the Kupari hotel-tourist complex, there are six completely destroyed and devastated hotels: Mladost, Grand, Goričina, Pelegrin, Kupari and Galeb and "Tito's Villa" which are awaiting reconstruction. The renovation of this hotel complex would restore and significantly strengthen the economy of Kupar and the entire Dubrovnik County.

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