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Općina Runovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Longitude 17.231
  • Latitude 43.35
  • Publicaton date 01. June 2022.


10o C 82% 1009 hPa

Runovići is located in the hinterland of the mountain Biokovo. Runović hamlets are lined up along the southern edge of the Imotski field. In front of the village, the river Vrljika meanders, which disappears into the abyss at the bottom of the field, and in Tihaljina it erupted from the hill, fell into the valley with a waterfall and continued its course towards the Neretva with a new name. Runovići is characterized by a Mediterranean climate. Winters are rainy and mild and summers are hot.

Today, Runovići is an urbanized settlement in a beautiful natural environment, with its back to Mračaj and its slopes, and its face facing the field.

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