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Drvenik is one of the pearls of the Makarska Riviera, nestled in two bays bordered by pebble beaches, above rises Biokovo, and in front of which stretch Hvar, Peljesac and Korcula. Drvenik consists of two settlements, Gornja and Donja Vala, about a kilometer away from each other. Donja Vala is to the north, and Gornja Vala to the south. Drvenik was built after the earthquake in 1962, when the ruined old village above Gornja and Donja Vale was abandoned, in which the locals built houses and moved. Drvenik was named after the trees that were then in abundance on the slopes of Biokovo, primarily oak.

The population is engaged in fishing, wine culture, olive growing and tourism. Beautiful wooded bays with drinking water springs and pebble and rocky beaches give it a special charm. It is an ideal place to spend a vacation with family and escape from everyday obligations and stress.

The place is bordered by beaches. The largest is in Donja Vala (Drvenik) and one of the most popular along which the promenade stretches, while in Gornja Vala there are three (Duba, Vira and Čista). Lungo mare leads to Lučica beach, east of the town.

Drvenik is a large promenade by the sea, and under Biokovo there are bicycle, hiking and themed trails. One of the thematic trails is that of Albert Fortis, which he used to climb from Drvenik to Vrgorac when he wrote Hasanaginica there. The history of Drvenik has been valorized. There is a book about Kostanić scratch. Kostanić's tomb with a relief of two young men fighting for a girl, is one of Drvenik's trademarks.

Tourist Board of Drvenik organizes a cultural summer with more than 40 events (Beer fest, kraft beer festival, Vine Expo, wine fair in this area, fair of local products, etc.).

In Donja Vala, right next to the beach is the ferry port, from which ferry run to the island of Hvar (Sucuraj).

Drvenik is the champion of the summer tourist patrol of Večernji list 2021.

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