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In Makarska Riviera, there is a quiet, charming location - Drašnice. It is a place without stress, a place of relaxed atmosphere and a slow pace of life.

What is particularly delightful about this place are beautiful beaches and many sunny hours, so all „summer“ visitors will adore it. Thanks to the pebble beaches and the tranquility of the destination, Drašnice is the perfect choice for families with small children. Because of all this, it is quite logical that the main activity of the population here is tourism, so you can decide for one of the many accommodations right next to the sea. Is there anything more beautiful than waking up by the murmur of the sea, the sound of crickets and the view of the beautiful landscape? Definitely not.

Drašnice is also known as a place of fishing, agriculture and olive growing. This seemingly "sleepily" place has had a very lively and interesting history, so there are numerous cultural and historical monuments. There are several old churches in the place, such as the church of St. Stjepan, the church of St. Juraj, the church of St. Roko, the church of St. Kate ... What specifically catches attention is the church of St. Juraj, which was significantly destroyed in the earthquake that happend in 1962. In the center of the place, you can see the mosaic of the painter Joko Knezević, dedicated to the women of Biokovo and their fight during Second World War.

All those who prefer an active vacation, Drašnice is the destination for you. On the climbing map of Dalmatia, Drašnice also has found its place so here you can enjoy rock climbing. The specificity of this climbing place are panels that require durability and precision. And among the rocks, the noteworthy is MEGAWALL sector or a 250-meter-high piece of rock. All climbers will have oppurtunity to enjoy the view of Drašnice, and the nearby islands of Hvar and Brač.

In Drašnice you can also eat well, especially in good Italian restaurants.

If you are looking for a place without the rush of tourists, a place of peace and quiet, a dream vacation spot, a place where you can spend the best time with your loved ones, come to Drašnice!

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