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Drvenik Ferry to Hvar, Drvenik , [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Camera info

  • Longitude 17.246
  • Latitude 43.1560
  • Publicaton date 28. February 2022.


2o C 63% 1012 hPa

Drvenik is the starting point for the island of Hvar. Ferries to Sucuraj depart from the ferry every day. The ferry sails 30 minutes; in order to sail, it operates 6 times in winter and 10 to 11 times a day in summer during the season, even every hour. The ferry port in Sucuraj is located right in the center of the town right next to the main, pebble beach surrounded by Mediterranean greenery. A beach that stretches along the whole bay, between the ferry dock and the small boats port. The length of the entire beach is covered by shade and is full of terraces of various restaurants, pizza restaurants and cafes.

Through this webcam you can watch ferry traffic live, arrivals and departures of ferries and boats in the small port and in the summer season you can watch swimmers on the main beach 250 meters long.

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