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A view of the beach and many fishing boats in Igrane have been provided by LiveCamCroatia webcams. The sandy beach is an excellent invitation for anyone who likes to enjoy swimming in the sunny summer months. In the background, just behind the beach, there are many buildings, primarily intended for accomodate guests during the summer season.

A little further in the distance, on the slopes, you can see the church bell tower of Our Lady of Ružarija.

The locals will gladly welcome each guest, and we should mention that in the past Igrane was famous for olive growing. Today, this place also deals with olive trees, actually people deal with olive growing and processing.


Igrane is a tourist place on the Makarska Riviera located on a peninsula whose southeastern coast is occupied by a spacious sandy beach.

Igrane is famous for its ancient olive groves above the site near the church of St. Mihovil from the 11th century, the most important medieval monument on Makarska Riviera. Across Biokovo, on the north side there is the old settlement of Gornje Igrane, the initial residence from which the population gradually mooved along the coast, cultivating olive groves and vineyards and enjoying fish. The history of this small town dates back to Roman times, as witnessed by sarcophagi.

Igrane has a rich tourist offer that meets the different tastes and guest structures. Cultural manifestations offer diverse, rich and interesting content related to folklore performances, klapa, stage performances and famous fishermen evenings.

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