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Imotski is an old town, located in the south of the Republic of Croatia, at the crossroads of Dalmatian Zagora and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Imotski has all the features of a coastal town, thanks to the climate and urban architecture of the old town. Stone houses, steep narrow streets with stone steps are witnesses to the former appearance of this place whose old town is protected.

The city is dominated by the Topana Fortress, built in the 10th century, which has been of great strategic importance throughout history, and today is interesting to visitors because of its preserved appearance and views of the city, stadium "Gospin dolac" and Blue Lake. Within the fortress there is a votive church dedicated to Our Lady of the Angels, the patron saint of Imotski. In the vicinity of the walls, several events take place in the summer and below the fortress itself there is a monument to Croatian defenders. From Topana, descending a series of 92 stone Imotski steps, built in the 18th century, you come to Imotski Square, where there is a monument to the great poet, Tin Ujević from Imotski.

Below Topana is the Blue Lake, a favorite promenade, and in the summer months the main beach in Imotski. Its dimensions are 800 * 400 meters, and the depth varies, so in winter and spring it is about a hundred meters, and at the beginning of autumn it can dry out. Stone serpentines built in 1907 lead to its clear surface.

Very near is the Red Lake, the deepest karst lake in Europe whose depth of depression is 528 meters, and the water depth reaches more than 300 meters with the bottom below sea level.

Many legends and stories are connected with these lakes, as well as others in the Imotski region created by the collapse of underwater caves, such as the haughty Gavan or Asanaginica, which was sung in folk ballads and translated into most world languages. According to this story, the tomb of Asanaginica is located on the edge of the Blue Lake, right where the theme park dedicated to this ballad is today.

Imotski is also interesting because of its location and traffic connections, which makes it an ideal base for a vacation. You are one hour away from Medjugorje and Mostar in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, an hour from ancient Split, and thanks to the tunnel Sv. Ilija, only half an hour from Makarska, the sanctuary Vepric and other places on the Makarska Riviera.

The Imotski region is known for its tradition and culture as well as for the ganga - traditional singing.

Apart from natural and cultural beauties and diversity, in Imotski today it is possible to find quality hotel and apartment accommodation, a large number of holiday homes with swimming pools and apartments, and an excellent gastronomic offer. There are also wine roads where you can enjoy tasting quality and award-winning wines or taste the first Dalmatian sparkling wine.

Imotski has all the prerequisites to become one of the most interesting land destinations in Croatia, as evidenced by the constant increase in guest arrivals and overnight stays.


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