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Tučepi is a small village located on the Makarska Riviera known for its longest beach (3km), next to which is a beautiful promenade in the pine alley. In Tučepi there is a marina for fishing and tourist boats and yachts. During the summer, Tučepi hosts festivities where you can enjoy food, drinks and pleasant music at night. Tučepi receives distinguished awards year after year for the high quality of its catering and tourist services and for the landscaping. Tučepi Municipality Day is celebrated on the feast of Sv. Ante, June 13, and until the end of the month, traditional Dalmatian klapa concerts are held. Of the historic sites are preserved three defensive towers at the foot of the Biokovo from the 18th century: the Šarić Tower, Bušelić and Lalić , in the settlements of the same name that were used to defend against the Turkish attacks.

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