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Drasnice - panorama, beach, Drašnice, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 17.111
  • Latitude 43.2134
  • Publicaton date 18. May 2016.


24o C 72% 1011 hPa

Drasnice is a small coastal village located south of Makarska, which administratively belongs to municipality of Podgora. As same as with most of the Croatian coastal towns, main activity of residents in Drasnica is tourism. According to some statistics, if we consider the number of beds in this small village and total area of beaches, one tourist who visit this beautiful place on the Adriatic sea belongs to eight square meters of beach. So, there is no crowds, and relaxing holiday is guaranteed. LiveCamCroatia brings live streaming view of the main beach which is really beautiful. Objects built for receiving guests are located just a few meters from the sea, while behind, you can see the greenery where well-known Adriatic highway is hidden.

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