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Podgora - Harbor, Podgora, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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Did you know that the Navy NOVJ was conceived in Podgora, which later became a Yugoslavian Navy? This is an interesting historical fact, just enough to mention it.

Today Podgora can boast with the beautiful beaches and clean sea, which are a real bait for many tourists. Through our webcams you can see many places in Croatia, so you have opportunity to see this one, too. Our webcam brings a beautiful view of the harbor in Podgora. On the left, there are the slopes of Biokovo which are crossed by the Adriatic highway - the so called 'vein' for most coastal towns in Croatia. Apart from looking at the harbor, you can also enjoy the shade in front of the coffee bar, but only if you come to Podgora.

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