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Makarska Riva is something really special, which is why we warmly recommend that you take a walk around waterfront every time you visit Makarska. On the left side, you can see the road and row of buildings, which are beautifully composed in a green color of surrounding plant species, while in central part of our live streaming, one-way street with parking lots for cars is located. Promenade near the sea offers a beautiful view at the sea, and a close encounter with a smaller and larger vessels berthed along the berths. Additional nice atmosphere gives large palm trees that surround decent green area, quite enough for an unforgettable contrast of colors that gives sea surface on the right. We hope you watch waterfront during nice weather, enjoy the colors and landscape in front of our lens.


Makarska is located in the southern Dalmatia in a naturally protected harbour. The harbour is protected from the north with the peninsula St. Peter, and from the north-east with a cape Osejava.The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and long, warm summers. It has more than 2750 sunny hours per year, with the air temperature above 20 °C from June to September. Very rich history of Makarska begins in prehistory, in the times before writing was invented. The oldest objectcreated by man (stone blade) belongs to the Palaeolithic (older Stone Age) and it dates back 40000 years B.C. It is believed that it was made by Neanderthal. In terms of sightseeing,it is recommended to visit the Malacological Museum of the Franciscan monastery. It has the most knowncollection of sea snails and bivalvesin the entire Croatia. From more than 3000 samples of the shells from the Adriatic Sea, in the Museum it is possible to see numerous varieties from tropical and subtropical seas. The botanical garden Kotišina is located on the coastal slopesof Biokovo at the altitude of 350 to 500 meters above the sea level and it is part of the Park of Nature Biokovo. The concept of the botanical garden foresees the garden as the fenced part of the nature where natural characteristics of vegetation are preserved, and plants are not brought into it in accordance with certain rules. At the fairly small surface of the botanical garden there are 300 species of the Mediterranean, alpine, exotic, agricultural and medicinal plants. Makarska is one of the most attractive and most famous destinations of the Croatian tourism. It is attractive thanks to the variety of tourist offer, landscape and cordial hosts. The quality is complemented by numerous tourist awards and acknowledgements awarded to Makarska every year.

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