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You are watching beautiful beach of a small place on Adriatic coast. Municipality Podgora has less than 3,000 inhabitants, but it can be proud of beautiful sea and beaches for all fans of summer vacation at the sea. If you do not like summer crowds, which are an integral part of many major tourist destinations, then Podgora is for you. In fact, this small town has not been fully discovered in the true meaning of the word, but we believe that you will be able to find your spot under the sun without large crowds in the peak of a season. LiveCamCroatia has a web camera positioned directly toward the beach and the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the panoramic view in front of you.


Podgora is a small town located in the very centre of Dalmatia, in one of the cleaner parts of Adriatic. It is considered as one of the most picturesque parts of Makarska Riviera and it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Dalmatia. Podgora has a small harbour for fishing boats and promenade with a wonderful stone waterfront – with palms and the smell of lavender, it provides for a peculiar Mediterranean vibrant atmosphere. This atmosphere was harmoniously complemented with new touristic contents and hotels. Tourists are interested in ancient olive groves and vineyards and they enrich the offer. Initially, Podgora was positioned further uphill on Biokovo, above today’s Podgora. As the fire in the last century destroyed most of the houses, the inhabitants moved to the coast. However, they did not neglect the old village, connecting the old and new village with a modern road. Old Podgora is often visited by tourists. Since the old days, Podgora relies on maritime tradition. Contemporary town developed around small harbour where nowadays fishing boats give place to the yachts.In 1942, Yugoslav War Navy was established there, in whose honour the monument “Seagull’s Wings” was made above Podgora. Two marines have the capacity for 360 ships.Beaches of Makarska Riviera, including the beach in Podgora, are considered as some of the most beautiful on the Adriatic. Gravel beaches combine with immaculate sparkling sea.Throughout the year, various cultural and entertainment events are organized, of which the best known is celebration of St. Vincent.

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