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The Maslenica bridge is a symbol of the creation of a sovereign Croatia.

The Maslenica bridge was demolished in the Homeland War in November 1991, thus interrupting the road communication between Dalmatia and the north of Croatia, all traffic took place over the island of Pag. The Maslenica bridge was rebuilt in 2004. The bridge is located on the A1 motorway and bridges the Novsko ždrilo. An arched, steel bridge with a total length of 377.60 meters and 55 meters above sea level carries both lanes of the 200-meter highway. 

The route called A1, and popularly Dalmatina, in the section Karlovac - Zadar - Split was officially opened on June 26, 2005.

Although of great strategic importance, the bridge is very often closed to traffic due to the hurricane. According to the official data of the State Hydrometeorological Institute, the highest recorded wind speed in Croatia of 248 km / h was measured on that bridge on December 21, 1998. Section A1 near Maslenica, according to HAC data, from January 2008 to December 2019 was closed as many as 575 times with a total duration of almost 7126 hours or 297 days, which would be almost 10 months of closed highway on its most sensitive part.

Conditions for closing traffic for all categories of vehicles can be expected on most of this section on average in 50-100 hours per year, and the greatest impact of wind is expected due to the strong and frequent bora in winter in the area of ​​Crna draga.

If you are traveling on this section, we suggest that you first be well informed through the Hydrometeorological Institute (meteo alarm) about the weather forecast and possible expected gusts of the bora or through HAK (Report on the condition of the roads).

In the summer months, though, the picture is a little different. If you lack adrenaline and if you are brave enough, the highest bungee jumping in Croatia is on the Maslenica bridge.

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