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Starigrad Paklenica

Starigrad Paklenica

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Starigrad is a village and a small port on the shores of the Velebit Channel, located near the Paklenica National Park, 45 km south of Karlobag. The place was first mentioned in Roman times, it was founded on the foundations of the ancient city of Argyruntum, and today is the center of Paklenica Riviera, part of the coast 20 km long where mountains and sea meet, so Starigrad is interesting to swimmers and mountaineers alike.

Starigrad Paklenica is the starting point for the Paklenica National Park, and the proximity of Velebit allows you to play sports such as hiking and free-climbing.

Apart from hiking and free-climbing, sports and recreation lovers can also enjoy caving, kayaking and canoeing, and rafting on the Zrmanja. Beautiful promenades on the slopes of the national park are available to walkers and plant collectors.

The old part of the city is rich in archeological finds and architectural monuments, the most famous of which is the villa of Petar Hektorović.

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