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Poličnik is a village and municipal center in Ravni kotari, 16 km northeast of Zadar. The historical heritage of this area dates back to the deep past.

Numerous Illyrian burial mounds as traces of the oldest settlements testify to the prehistoric life in this area, which dates back to the Late Stone Age, and can be traced back to Illyrian-Liburnian times. The fortress (Gradina) originates from the Roman period, with the aim of protecting the Zadar and Nin districts from the invading barbarians. The fort formed one defensive unit with those in Slivnica, Ljubo and Radovina.

Poličnik offers luxury in holiday villas with private pools that are perfect for guests looking for privacy and peace.

In Poličnik, on August 29, the Day of the Municipality and the feast of the heavenly patron of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

The Grabi business zone in Poličnik continues to receive new halls for the expansion of existing activities and new investments. In addition to large production and storage halls of companies, there is also a Center for Development and Education, worth 25 million kuna. The money is secured from European funds. It is a modern entrepreneurial-business infrastructure that is a center for improving business within industries that use bee products as raw materials - wax, propolis, bee venom, pollen, royal jelly and honey.

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