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The Pag Bridge is a reinforced concrete arch bridge that connects the island of Pag with the mainland via the Ljubačka Gate in Zadar County, we can freely say - the lifeblood of the island of Pag.

The Pag Bridge was opened to traffic on November 17, 1968, when a completely different life began for the inhabitants of the island of Pag. The bridge is 301 meters long and 9 meters wide. The range of reinforced concrete arches connects Cape Oštroljak with Cape Fortica, and is 193 meters and rises about thirty meters above sea level. The Pag bridge has strongly influenced the development of the economy and tourism. Passenger cars also reached Pag over the Pag bridge. The first among them was the legendary fijo whose owner was the excellent Pag shepherd Ivo Festini Madona. Since the Pag bridge connected the island with the mainland, the life of the islanders has become much simpler.

During the Homeland War, the Pag Bridge played a key role, it was the only link between the north and south of Croatia, Herzegovina and Bosnia on one and the northern part of Adriatic Croatia (Kvarner and Istria) and the continental part of Croatia, on the other. Numerous displaced persons and refugees passed through it, weapons, food and the army passed through it, which is why it was repeatedly targeted by JNA planes. Shortly after the war, the bridge was completely rebuilt. It is now part of a network of cameras that cover traffic in the Republic of Croatia.

Today, thousands of cars travel across the Pag Bridge every day, especially in the summer season. Unfortunately, the Pag bridge is often closed to all groups of vehicles due to hurricane gusts from a strong wind from Velebit, which sometimes reaches 220 km / h.

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