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Sukošan is a small town situated in a wide bay called Golden Harbour /Zlatna Luka,on 7 km of Zadar. The economy is based on tourism, farming, vineyard farming, olive and fruit growing. Today, the place is the seat of the county which also includes Debeljak, Glavica and Gorica. The town has about 3,000 residents. This place is very pleasant/enjoyable to live throughout the year, and it is recognised by many as the ideal place for a vacation.

The fact that there are over 3000 beds in luxurious apartments, pensions and hotels, and numerous well visited campsites situated near the sea, proves that this is indeed a tourist place. It became a real paradise for sailors thanks to the Marina “Dalmacija”.

Apart from its historical sights, Sukošan is also known for its beautiful beaches and secluded coves. Some of the beaches are: Children's Paradise Beach, Makarska Beach and Zlatna Luka Beach. Sukošan offers a number of opportunities for those who wish to enrich their vacation with some other activities too.

Numerous events throughout the year, especially in the summer season, will sure attract many visitors. Various fishermen's festivals, summer masquerades, klapa nights, Brudetijada, cargo (ass) races and the most famous Sukošan festive held on the feast of Sv. Cassian and is celebrated on 13 August.


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