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Ražanac is located on the shores of Velebit canal, 22km northeast from town of Zadar. 

Since ancient times Ražanac is well known for its production of quality homemade wines. Ražanac is also well known for Ražanačko kolo – a folk dance- which was placed in global and national cultural heritage.

The sea in Ražanac is a real gem when it comes to cleanliness. Beaches are rocky and sandy.

One of the distinctive features of Razanac is a very strong north wind called “bura”. The storm comes from the mainland and blows, crossing the slopes of Velebit, heading towards the sea. Bura have a very strong power, sometimes hurricane power, especially where the highlands extend near the seashore. The velocity of the air current in the impact of a stronger bura is very high, often exceeding 72 km / h, sometimes exceeding 180 km / h. In addition to the appearance of the landscape, bura greatly affects the way people live in this area and their temperament. From a health point of view, bora has a beneficial effect on human health.

It is unknown to the general public that the settlements of Ražanac municipality were the location of several films, which should not surprise anyone. The diverse, authentic, in some parts harsh but above all spectacular scenery proved to be an ideal scenery for filmmaking (The Adventures of Odyssey, Hunting Season, Storm Riders, What a Man Without a Mustache). Historic buildings and ruins, long sandy or rocky beaches, wide green fields, olive groves, vineyards, forests, hidden coves, green hills and the magnificent Velebit as ideal backdrops are the main features of this area.

It is interesting to note that Mirko Miočić, a Croatian quizoman or as they call him "walking Google", was born in Rtina.

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