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Dinjiška is the second place you come across after crossing the Pag bridge and only 10 km away from the town of Pag. Dinjiška lies at the very end of the eponymous bay 8 km long in a gentle and shallow bay with many secluded beaches.

In the bay itself there is an abandoned saltworks. Salt production has its history in Dinjiška. There used to be a saltworks here in which salt was produced by the traditional drying process in the so-called salt pans. Soline are small rectangular clay pools. On the island, such salt pans were constructed in the extension of the sea bay Dinjiška (old abandoned factory) and in the long valley through which one arm of the Pag Bay near the town of Pag comes to dry (active drive).

In the center is the beautiful church of St. Maura, first mentioned in the middle of the 14th century.

In the vicinity of Dinjiška, vineyards and fields are cultivated, so there is no shortage of local food and wine. As in other places on the island of Pag, before the development of tourism, the population was mostly engaged in sheep farming, which produced a widely known product: Pag cheese. And another agricultural branch for which the island of Pag is known, and that is Pag cheese.

Nearby is the Veliko Blato ornithological reserve, where nature lovers will experience unforgettable moments, especially those who enjoy birdwatching.

The climate is so favorable that you can swim from May to October.

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