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Aquatika - Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac, Karlovac, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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  • Longitude 15.555
  • Latitude 45.492
  • Publicaton date 24. April 2020.


-1o C 93% 1029 hPa

Aquatika - Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac , is the only freshwater aquarium in this part of Europe. The 25 aquarium pools show more than 100 freshwater fish species, of which as many as 40 are endemic. The aquarium is located in the immediate vicinity of Fogin's Korana river in the center of Karlovac.

Walking around this interesting aquarium makes a strong impression on the visitors, since the layout of the Aquatica pool follows the flow of a typical karst river, and the whole ambience is accompanied by sounds from nature and lighting that introduces the visitor to a realistic adventure among fish. Aquarium pools mimic the cave system, underground habitats, wetlands, karst phenomenon of travertine waterfalls and the partitioning of river flows into the upper and lower ones.

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