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5 years of Aquatika

5 years of Aquatika

A successful EU project

Since its opening, Aquatika is one of the most successful projects in Croatia financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds, which has been visited by 334,597 visitors in five years. The project achieved all the set goals, and showed readiness for all the challenges of managing EU projects with the aim of developing the local community.

Public institution Aquatika freshwater aquarium Karlovac was founded in 2016 as a result of a project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, and was implemented in cooperation with the City of Karlovac and project partners Karlovac City Museum, Eco Pan, Croatian Veterinary Institute and HIBR . The total value of the project was HRK 36.7 million, of which HRK 36.2 million was co-financed by EU grants.

The project continuously achieves the planned social benefit and contributes to the achievement of set indicators and set goals. JU Aquatika, as one of the results of the project Freshwater Aquarium and Museum of Rivers ", continued activities aimed at developing entrepreneurial initiative in the local community through networking catering and accommodation offer, new tourist packages, cooperation with tourist guides and agencies and interesting and innovative souvenirs. This indirectly generated higher incomes of entrepreneurs in the tourism sector (evident from the data on the payment of tourist membership fees), so new jobs were generated in this sector.

Aquatika is a unique tourist attraction in this part of Europe whose advantage is based on research and education in the field of freshwater biodiversity.

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