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The city with 26,000 inhabitants is located 17 km west of Zagreb. Zaprešić and its surroundings offer many interesting tourist attractions: 5 castles (Lužnica, Januševec, Laduč, Gornja Bistra, Jakovlje), churches, wildlife reserves with good gastronomic offer and traditional events. Novi Dvori Jelačićevi, one of the best preserved feudal economic units in Croatia, is also the main attraction of Zaprešić. Zaprešić is also a city of sports. In addition to football, handball, basketball, bowling, there is a growing interest in equestrian sports and cross country riding, paragliding, kite flying, cycling, tennis, golf. The main manifestations are: Jelačić Days in May and October, Nobility Day, Harvest Ceremonies, makes a good reason for a longer stay in Zaprešić.

South of the city center, towards the Sava, there is a lake "Zajarki" with a sports pond which makes the paradise for fishermen along the river Krapina, mountaineers can access the Nature Park Medvednica and cross-country skiers on Sljeme.

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