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The municipality of Kravarsko is located in the central part of Vukomeričke gorice in the immediate vicinity of Zagreb and nearby Velika Gorica, on the important traffic route Velika Gorica - Pokupsko - Glina.

Kravarsko is on a hill with beautiful landscape and a real oasis of green forests, planted with vineyards and orchards. The center of the municipality is the village Kravarsko with 557 inhabitants. The village is located on top of a 240 m high hill that dominates the nearby valleys of the streams Pogledička and Curek. In the center of the settlement is the parish church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, without a tower which is destroyed in the earthquake and suffered extensive damage. The parish court is threatened with collapse due to another strong earthquake, so the church needs to be completely demolished and built a new one. Along with the church in Kravarsko, 500 buildings were destroyed.

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