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LIveCamCroatia - Your meteo station!

LIveCamCroatia - Your meteo station!

An unexpectedly long indian summer went on until the autumn.

The above-average October temperatures are used by all people on the Adriatic coast for the last year's swimming in the sea.

But the weather forecast is not promissing. A drastic change of weather is expected in the coming days in the form of heavy rain, strong and stormy wind.

The rain will contain a great concentration of sand, so it is possible for "bloody" or muddy rain that can cause floods and high water levels of rivers Sava River and Kupa.

In a very short time of only a few days somewhere will be raining more than it falls in a month.

We must note that the DHMZ issued a warning to as many as 11 Croatian Regions.

Our panoramic webcams provides you the complete insight into weather conditions throughout Croatia. Live streaming lets you know about current weather situation so you can plan your trip.

And do not forget to shift the clock to winter time calculation.

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