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Baska Voda - panorama - Winner TOP 10 - 6/2015, Baška Voda, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

Camera info

  • Longitude 16.9458
  • Latitude 43.359
  • Publicaton date 16. April 2014.


5o C 65% 1028 hPa

This is excellent panoramic view of Baska Voda which is brought to you by LiveCamCroatia. From this perspective, you can feel the size of the place the best way, weather and beauty of the port, which dominates the front of the lens of our web cameras. On the left side, various objects are placed, including hotels, apartments and other accommodation facilities, as well as the greenery which slopes towards the beach. Along the beach promenade was built, with berths that followed beach in one part. If you visit Baska Voda, and you want to look or take a closer look at a luxury yacht, be sure to pay a visit to the port, which always has something to offer. We hope you enjoy more next time you pay a visit to Baska Voda.

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