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Wine Festival in Jaska
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Wine Festival in Jaska

  • 03.07.2022. - 05.06.2022.
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It is almost impossible to visit Plešivica and remain indifferent. In this small Tuscany in symbiosis with stunning nature, winemakers create art, and thanks to them, the word about Jastrebarsko is heard all over the world.

The love for wines and their region will turn into the most famous Jaska wine and tourist event Wine Days. On the first weekend of June in the new location, in the beautiful surroundings of the Erdödy Castle Park, you will be able to enjoy the wines of Plešivica winemakers in a term that invites you to socialize and enjoy summer only a week after the Strawberry and sparkling wine festival.

During the three days, numerous workshops and trainings were organized for all connoisseurs of Plešivica wine and those who are yet to become one. The rich entertainment program is designed to offer something for all generations. The youngest will enjoy the adrenaline children's program, those with a sports spirit will be able to spend time rehearsing, theater lovers will watch performances of the great Kerekesh Theater, and fans of good music will enjoy great concerts by popular bands.

Successful winemakers are responsible for the promotion of the Jaska region, and it was the Wine Days that helped create this recognizable brand. The Wine Days will attract a wider circle of visitors and with a rich accompanying program provide them with all-day entertainment with an emphasis on good wine, but also various interesting content that wants to attract professionals and wine connoisseurs, but also those who do not know much about Plešivica wines. In addition to wines, winemakers impose themselves with the excellence of their sparkling wines, and the Festival of sparkling wines and strawberries in a very short time is recognized as an event that gathers more and more visitors and provides a whole new experience in beautiful Plešivica.




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