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Panoramic view of Jelsa, view to the south, Jelsa - Hvar, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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A view to Jelsa and its harbor where you will stay for a while for sure. Here you can watch the arrival and departure of catamaran  sealine Jelsa - Bol - Split and other tourist boats that enters the Jelsa's harbor. Much interesting is the fact what  you can discover in Jelsa, and such a beautiful view of the city and the port will surely inspire you to visit it as soon as possible. In the center of Jelsa is Pjaca, where it is a real pleasure to start a day with the coffee and walk to Perivoj (park), one of the largest in Dalmatia, then go to the beautiful square of St. Ivan, where the octagonal church is. Jelsa is surrounded by greenery and will give you an unforgettable vacation away from the noise of mass tourism.

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