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Omiš is a small medieval town and harbor located between Split and Makarska at the forth of Cetina River, which is developed from a Roman settlement. Throughout history, Omiš was spotted as a pirate nest, and Omiš pirates among the most dangerous in the whole Mediterranean. The evidence of the bursty and proud history of Omiš is visible at every step of the Omiš Riviera.

There are many wonderful corners in the city, and the most interesting is the House of Happy Man, which was named after the inscription above the entrance door and in which, translated from Latin, writes:" I thank you, Lord,that I have been in this world ".

It is consisting of cultural-historical and natural beauties. Today, there are eight churches in Omiš and the nearby area Fortica or Starigrad is located on the very top of Omiš Dinara. From there you can see Cetina canyon, the entire Brač channel with the islands of Brač, Hvar and Šolta and most of Poljica and it was often used by pirates for their sightings before the onslaught of the galleys, though it is primarily intended for defense against the enemy.

There is also the Mirabel fortress with four floors and a tourist viewpoint.

Mediterranean cuisine - olive oil, fish and seafood, homemade vegetables, wine are part of the millennial tradition of this area and perhaps the most direct way to feel the true spirit of the Mediterranean. Omiš Cultural Summer, Dalmatian Klapa Festival, Pirates Evenings and other musical, theater and gastronomic festivals are a perfect opportunity to get to know not only the beauty of Dalmatia but also its soul.

Omiš is the center of the tourist riviera of exceptional beauty located in the very heart of the Adriatic and the center of Croatian active tourism.



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