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Cetina Bridge - Omiš, Omiš, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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The town of Omiš is located on a narrow strip between the mainland and the mountains, at the mouth of the river Cetina. Above Omiš, just above the canyon of the river Cetina, the construction of a bridge is underway, which is part of the Omis bypass and which you are currently watching via our webcam.

The construction of a bridge over the canyon of the river Cetina, approximately 600 meters upstream from the existing bridge on the state road D8, is the most complex and spectacular construction of an infrastructure facility in Croatia. This is a section of the Omiš bypass whose total estimated value of construction is 358 million euros. The project will bring traffic relief to the city center of Omiš and reduce congestion during the summer and tourist season.

Before the construction of the bridge over the Cetina, two tunnels were breached, the Omiš tunnel and the Komorjak tunnel in the length of 600 meters. The connection of two tunnels over the river canyon with a bridge with a total weight of 1100 tons, 216 meters long, is now in progress. The Cetina Bridge is a steel girder bridge with a maximum span of 152 meters between 2 supports.

This very attractive bridge is an extremely difficult project like the one in Croatia so far which is not seen, and the manner of its construction gives it the epithet of the unique. The agreed deadline is the end of September 2022. Until then, observe the construction and progress of the bridge, which is getting longer every day. This is a really fascinating project that you can watch through our webcam.

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