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In the green oasis of the Dalmatian Hinterland, protected by a mild climate and located only 30 km from Split and 45 km from Makarska Riviera, lies a small, picturesque town by the Cetina river. At one time, this area had the most important bridge crossing in Dalmatia, and today it constitutes an important intersection of roads that connect the North and the South of the country. It is a real heaven for nature lovers, excursionists and adventurers. For centuries now, the natural beauty found here remained almost untouched, its historical legacy was mysterious and unexplored, and on some village properties it seems as if time has stopped.

In an extraordinary position between the coast and the deeper inland, Trilj positions itself within reach and in the corridor of all the most important tourist routes. Trilj at the palm of your hand.


The area of Trilj has a lot of material and immaterial heritage under the protection of the Ministry of Culture. Trilj region is famous of many monuments built for example in honour of city patron, monument to river Cetina and ect. One thing which makes Trilj special, is view in which two impressive natural beauties, river Cetina and mountain Kamešnica, are combined.

The sound of the old ojkanje, ganga and rera singing have been passed on from generation to generation in the Dalmatian hinterland. Since the importance of the ojkanje two-part singing, named after a distinctive cry oj (hey), was also recognised by UNESCO, in 2010 it was included on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding. The ganga singing was included in 2009 on the Ministry of Culture's list of protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia.

Trilj was one of the places where the legendary "Winnetou-Der Ölprinz ", translated as "the petroleum king", visited; it was here that he was shot in 1965. A part of the film was filmed at Cetina Canyon, by Nutjak Fort.

The increase in the number of tourist arrivals is certainly contributed by the main Trilj event - Thrill Blues Festival, and the importance of this festival is shown by the award in the category for best international festival by one of the most prestigious French music portals "Zicazic". In addition to this award, the event is also on the calendar of events of the European Blues Union.

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