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Klis is a village and municipality in the Split hinterland. It was built at the foot of a medieval fortress. The name is from the gorge on which the fortress was built. It was the first Croatian capital and the royal capital of the Trpimirović dynasty and is a fundamental place in Croatian history.

In the oldest part of Klis, at the foot of the fortress, there is a parish church, a three-nave hundred-year-old basilica of monumental dimensions, richly decorated with frescoes with biblical and historical motifs from national and Klis history.

Klis Fortress is one of the most fortified fortifications in Croatia, whose impressive history dates back to the period before Christ. Today, Klis has become planetarily popular due to the HBO series Game of Thrones filmed in Klis Fortress, which is the target of more and more tourist visits, to which the Klis Uskok Association recounts the glorious history of the mythical fortress, as well as anecdotes from the filming of Game of Thrones. Klis Fortress replaced the city of Meereen in the popular Game of Thrones series. It also offers a beautiful view of Split, Solin, Kaštela and the islands of Brač, Šolta, Hvar and Vis.

Klis is a place where the past and tradition are wrapped in new clothes and where guests can see first hand how indigenous products are created in a modern plant, enjoy the scent of plants in the only private botanical collection in Croatia, and then experience what it once was looked at the life of a family in the Dalmatian hinterland, to see how bread is kneaded and baked under the oven.

Only 10 kilometers from Klis is the pearl of the Dalmatian karst underground - the Vranjača cave, which abounds in fantastic decorations as well as underground halls.








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