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Pula new hospital - Building yard (1), Pula, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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In January 2015, construction of the new General Hospital Pula began. To be more precise, it is about two buildings. In Building 1, there will be a stationary hospitals with 10 operating rooms, delivery room, one operating room for emergency, pathology, first aid with 16 beds, laboratory, hospital pharmacy, laundry and central sterilization. In Building 2 there will be a daily hospital with 71 beds, a polyclinic with 80 specialist teams, 47 medical offices and two operating rooms. In addition to nuclear medicine, there will be physical medicine, gamma diagnosis as well as a center for oncology and diabetes.

The end of the works was planned for the beginning of January 2018, but this deadline is currently scheduled for the end of the year due to the bad state of some adapting facilities. 38.4 million kuna has been granted from EU funds for the equipment of the surgery and the daily hospital, and the other 47 million needed for construction and installation works will be secured from a purpose credit.

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