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Days of Antiquity in Mali Lošinj

Days of Antiquity in Mali Lošinj

The Croatian Apoxyomen is one of the few preserved Greek statues that once adorned Greek shrines and towns, especially the gymnasium, palais. An ancient bronze statue 192 cm high represents an athlete, a young athlete at a time while clearing a strigil, with which his body slammed oil, dust and sweat after the competition.

The statue was emerged from the underwater world between the islands of Vele Orjule and the island of Lošinj on April 27, 1999, the only one currently found was a large bronze on the eastern Adriatic coast. Of the nine known variations of the Apoxyomen prototype, this is the most complete and best preserved. It is assumed that it came to the sea at the beginning of the 1st century, where it was thrown during heavy thunderstorms because of the danger of overturning the ship or sacrificing gods for a sure continuation of travel through the Osor Channel to get into a rich destination in the north Adriatic. The original statue is located in the Apoxyomen Museum , its new permanent residence, in the center of Mali Lošinj (formerly Kvarner Palace).

And if you want to go back to this era of Antiquity, then you should visit Mali Lošinj form April 25-27 where the Key Q + Festival is held. Key Q+ - Culture and Tourism as keys for quality cross-border development of Italy and Croatia is a project aimed at increasing the tourist offer of the cross-border area by developing a unique tourism product based on a common cultural and culinary heritage that connects Croatian and Italian border regions and exploring and discovering the tastes, flavours and traditions of rural areas surrounding the north of the Adriatic.

The action of this project are aimed at promoting economic development through sustainable tourism or other activities based on the protection and promotion of natural and cultural heritage. During the Festival all interested people can experience and try out various services and products inspired by Apoxyomenos and classical antiquity. As part of the festival, the traditional 13th Lošinj Cuisine Festival will take place, with an emphasis on Apoxyomenos' antique cuisine, during which 15 catering facilities will offer two menus with local specialties at affordable prices, prepared from foods used in antiquity. You can follow live stream opening of the festival on the main square from 6pm via our webcam on 25th of April.


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