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Vis is the farthest island in the central Dalmatian archipelago, with the highest peak at an altitude of 587 m, Hum. There are 13 settlements on the island with about 5000 inhabitants. The place and the port of Vis lies on the northern coast of the island, where there are cliffs. The main settlements on the island, Vis and Komiža, are interconnected by road and shipping lines.

By the end of the 20th century (1989) the island was closed to tourists because it was a military base. We can say that the island of Vis is the most preserved island and its original appearance remains the most authentic in the Adriatic.

The untouched nature, a real treat for Robinson tourism lovers, did not even miss Hollywood producers who skillfully estimated that Vis Island would perfectly play the role of the Greek island, which filmed the previous sequel to the global movie hit, one of Hollywood's most popular musicals - "Mamma Mia! ”, Spiced up by the brilliant hits of the legendary ABBE.

Island of Vis - the "Croatian Capri" has won the world elite, the reason why the magical bay of Stiniva, which you can visit only by boat or can be reached by a slightly longer goat path, in 2016. proclaimed the most beautiful beach in Europe. Numerous pebble beaches surrounded by the crystal clear open sea (Gusarica, Nova pošta, Velo žalo, Prirovo town beach in Vis) and sandy and pebble beaches in the bays of Vela Smokova, Milna, Zaglav and Stončica are a true recipe for pleasure, and just like Stiniva, an enviably beautiful backdrop for your next Instagram post!

Vis is increasingly recognized by renowned travel magazines as foodie heaven, or a true paradise for gastronomes! The island boasts a unique microclimate, rich and fertile plateau, and the strongest fishing zone in the central Adriatic, it is not surprising that its gastronomy points are stocked with tasty and healthy foods! In addition to food, it is also known for quality wines from Vis, among which the most famous is the Vugava variety, Plavac and other white wines.

The town of Vis is located in a large and naturally protected bay (St. George's Bay) on the northeast side of the island and is the only place on the island that has a daily ferry and catamaran connection to Split. The city has kept its Mediterranean charm and life stress-free and crowded. Numerous archaeological remains that you can visit (the church of St. George – the patron of Vis, the ruins of the city surrounded by walls, the Martvilo necropolis and the Vlaška field, the remains of the Roman theater on which the Franciscan monastery was built and many others) also speak of the development of the city. During the summer, numerous exhibitions, performances, concerts, music and folklore events are held in Vis, the most famous festivities being Vis Night and Vis Cultural Summer in July. There is also a famous wine festival where winegrowers from Vis present their products.

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