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Pakleni islands ‘anchored’ on the popular route between Split and the island of Vis, right in front of the port of Hvar like a necklace of diamonds. A set of islets Pakleni islands in front of the town create a wreath of the beauty of Hvar and protect the port. On the Pakleni islands there are the most beautiful beaches in Hvar: Jerolim, Palmižana, Stipanska, Galešnik, Mlini, Ždrilica and Pokonji dol.

Once bare, tame islands today represent a spacious Hvar tourist resort - the well-known Hvar sunny Arcadia. Pakleni islands are the most beautiful part of the Hvar and the entire Croatian Riviera. Playful low wooded islands immersed in clear, azure sea, several beaches, picnic areas, and countless small hidden coves, stone terraces facing the sun and beautiful deserted coves guarantee a unique sea experience. Over six miles long group of islands is one of the biggest attractions of Croatian tourism.

The island of Jerolim is also a famous traditional Hvar naturist beach where the Pakleni islands begin. The largest island of Sveti Klement, which The Times and the Guardian declared the most beautiful island in the Adriatic, offers the facilities of a modern marina and restaurants visited by many Hollywood stars and celebrities.

Pakleni islands have been a protected natural monument in the category of significant landscape, ie protected landscape, since 1972.

The name comes from the word ‘paklina’, a type of tar used in shipbuilding in the past. Here is simply heaven on earth, far from hell as the name suggests.

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