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Gradska Tvrđava, Hvar Fortica

Gradska Tvrđava, Hvar Fortica

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If you go from Hvar Square to the north, passing through the main city gate or Porta di datallo (Date Gate) climbing the stairs through the old part of town where there are palaces built in the 15th and 16th centuries and through small serpentines that exude the scents of the Mediterranean plants, agave, palms and cactus, it is a wonderful introduction to what awaits you at the top.

Above the northern, old part of the town of Hvar, on a natural hill 88 meters above sea level, rises the fortress Fortica, Spanjola, which dominates the town.

The fortress with city walls, built during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, was once the central defensive fortress of the town of Hvar, a century-old protector of the town and port, which repeatedly saved the population of Hvar. This is best evidenced by the old municipal coat of arms of Hvar, which, in addition to the heavenly patron saint. Stephen, Pope and Martyr, shown the fortress too.

Today, the fortress is a symbol of an extremely important and turbulent history of the town of Hvar, and very good preservation, layout, and excellent and picturesque position make it one of the most beautiful city fortifications on the Croatian coast.

Fortica was renovated in 1971 and adapted into an exclusive catering facility. Today, the fortress houses a collection of amphorae and other exhibits from antiquity and the Middle Ages.

From the bastion of Fortica there is a view of Galešnik, the nearest islet in front of the port of Hvar, the archipelago of the Pakleni islands and further south towards the open sea and the horizon.

Today, Fortica is just one of the tourist attractions in the city that is in Croatia, and even more in the world much better known as a very popular nautical destination, a place for party life and crazy nightlife. Although Hvar has an impressive historical and architectural heritage, the destination is completely branded as nautical and fashionable party destination.



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