The first this year cruisers sail into Dubrovnik and Split

The first this year cruisers sail into Dubrovnik and Split

After a break of more than a year, the first large cruiser MSC Orchestra, sailed into the port of Dubrovnik.

Travelers cruising the Mediterranean according to a strict health protocol. Due to epidemiological measures, cruise passengers are not allowed to "wander" around the city without supervision, they can not visit cafes, souvenir shops and the like, everything is under the strict tutelage of tourist guides.

There are more and more foreign guests and travel agents in Dubrovnik. Does that mean a return to the crowds on Stradun and a return to the "old normal"? In the future, the Port of Dubrovnik plans to host 2 ships per day (about 2000 passengers) and this can be an example to all other Croatian ports how to function under epidemiological measures. 70,000 guests should arrive by the end of the season. The USA is making special efforts to promote Dubrovnik, and 8 flights a week will arrive, and more than 150 cruisers should sail into the port of Dubrovnik. The famous summer crowd could return to Stradun this summer.

Cruisers can now come to other ports, Split, Šibenik and Zadar. We hope that this year will be a year of recovery and more and more cruisers are expected.

The cruiser Splendida, 333 meters long, also sailed into the city port of Split, which is the largest cruiser that has sailed into the port of Split so far. There are about 800 passengers from European countries on the cruise. The cruiser MSC Splendida is a huge ship, 38 meters wide and 333 meters long, can accommodate over 3000 passengers, and has over 1000 crew members. There are 1,637 cabins on the cruiser, including 43 for disabled guests or tourists with reduced mobility. It has as many as 18 decks, including 14 for guests. In its offer it offers all the benefits of a super equipped cruiser.

The arrival of 155 cruisers in the port of Split has been announced for this year.

We hope that this optimistic situation will last and that during the summer season you will be able to follow traditional summer crowd on the Split waterfront and Dubrovnik's Stradun via our webcams.

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