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Dubrovnik - Lapad Bay, Dubrovnik, [ Right now, LIVE ] LiveStreaming cameras from Croatia

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During the summer months you have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic view of the beach in Lapad Bay. It is a sandy-pebble beach located near the hotel Kompas.

Thanks to the sandy shallow, this beach is great for families with small children. Here you can play 'picigin' and volleyball, and kids can play on nearby playgrounds. The dense, lush and sumptuous forest will provide great shade and escape from sun, and a large number of catering facilities will offer you cold cocktails and tasty meals.

And during the winter months, the magnificent view of the open sea and the colorful sunsets will surely leave you breathless.

From any corner, at any part of the year you watch this live streaming, Lapad will undoubtedly win you with its unique beauty!


Many people will agree that Dubrovnik is one of the most popular and beautiful Mediterranean cities, and if you continue to read, you will understand why.

Something that makes Dubrovnik distinctive are the defense walls which are almost two kilometers long. Tourists really love them especially because of the beautiful view. In the center of the town is the famous, main street Stradun. It is the favorite promenade for all citizens and visitors.During the day, it is possible to see numerous entertainers and craftsmen doing old crafts to show visitors how the city looked like in the past. Also, don't be surprised if you meet some famous people during Stradun's stroll because Dubrovnik has become the favorite destination of celebrities.

Dubrovnik boasts many sights, such as the Minčeta Tower, the Pila Gate, the Great Onofrio's Fountain, the Sponza Palace, the City Belfry, the Prince's Palace, the Orland's Pier, the church of St. Vlaho and many others. The city is always full of life, so restaurants and cafes work long into the night. That's a great thing, especially for the younger population. There are many interesting things you should not miss out if you visit Dubrovnik such as the hill Srđ, located above the town, where you will enjoy fantastic view of the whole city and its surroundings. Also, do not forget to visit Lokrum Island, Orsula Park and the famous Dubrovnik's market - Gruž. If you get tired from walking, you can refresh yourself on the nearby popular beach - Banje.

As has already been said, Dubrovnik is full of interesting attractions and events, but one event still stands out in the mass. It's the traditional manifestation Dubrovnik Summer Festival held every year. That's the time when the Old Town becomes a stage for many scenic, music and dance events. It's not important which side of Dubrovnik you choose to visit because one thing is for sure - it will always leave you breathless. Without any doubt, this town will give you a wonderful experience and a dream holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

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